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Equine Assisted Services

When talking isn't working

*The ReStart & Lighter Touch 
*Equine Supported Volunteers
*After School Club

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Equine Assisted Services: Welcome

The ReStart

When talking isn't working

Is usually delivered in 5 consecutive days, for approximately 2 hours per day with 1:1 facilitator support. We teach, rehearse and repeat key resilience skills in an intensive and challenging but fun way with feedback in the moment from specially trained horses. There is no classroom content or talk-based therapy/counselling.

Tasks are guided by the facilitator and the horses are selected and trained to provide clear and easily observable physical feedback to participants, many of whom may not have interacted with horses prior to taking part in the programme. The methodological focus is on social/emotional shifts being made 'in the moment', in response to difficulties encountered. Participants are handlers learning to work in partnership with the horses on the ground. The course employs an approach using a series of specific tasks as tools to develop positive habits. Specifically the skills addressed are:

Engagement (confidence as a learner) - enthusiastically taking on new challenges whilst also taking care of own confidence

Responsibility - for own thought, emotions and actions

Calmness - having the habit of calmness and knowing how to create it in difficult situations

Assertiveness - able to be calmly assertive, without getting aggressive or upset

Realistic Analysis & Planning - stopping to think before acting, making a realistic assessment of situations and planning accordingly

Focus and Perseverance - working towards goals despite setbacks

Relating to Others/Empathy - seeing the needs of others, offering care and support, feeling closely connected

Communication & Language - two way, respectful, assertive communications, having language to talk about thoughts and emotions

One the final day, each participant has a robust reflective session with their facilitator - looking at their progress in each of the areas of the Skills Star (see next page below). The participant also plans and executes a 10min skills demo. 

This program is highly evidenced and robustly tested. Take a look at our research and evidence.

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Lighter Touch

In addition to the intensive ReStart we offer Lighter Touch options such as top ups, tailored sessions and group work - different ways to help people at a lower level of need or to provide longer term support after a ReStart course. These options can involve those who work with the participants in a supporting/carer role.

For more information:

Equine Assisted Services: About Us

Supported Equine Volunteers

Weekly Support Sessions

These sessions are for those that are not eligible for the ReStart but would still benefit from equine/animal interaction and developing the same skills in a slower paced way. It is also for those that have completed the ReStart would like to remain involved.
This can be accessed by self referral.

Equine Assisted Services: About

After School Club

Basic Animal Interaction & Care

This session is for young people who would benefit from a relaxing no pressure environment with routine around animal care. We have chicken, sheep, horses & cats on site. Many find the horses a bit intimidating but love the chicken. Routine is established with poo picking & hay net stuffing. Self regulation skills are peppered in as needed.

This is a self referral service



A lovely safe entry level animal for younger children to learn to take care of while developing teamwork, curiosity and self regulation.


Our sheep were bottle fed so are very friendly as long as your energy is good! So a good way to think about others and how you can change how others respond to you. They are also learn to feed and muck out the sheep.

Horses & Ponies

A firm favourite but can be quite intimidating for many making their anxiety levels rise. This is us an opportunity to work on relaxation and energy control. Caring and grooming horses develops routine and relaxation.

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